‘With the approval of the site to meet EU ABPR, the interest shown by local waste producers and local authorities, my decision to diversify into composting has been vindicated. I had no hesitation in placing a further order with VCU Europa to expand the plant. The technology is proven and the company has been fully supportive’
Charlie Gray, Managing Director, Gray Composting Services Ltd

“Following extensive due diligence of different technologies, we selected VCU for its proven track record and flexible modular design, which will allow us to expand easily in the future. VCU Europa’s support and expertise throughout the project has been fantastic; from help with our planning application through to delivery of the project on time, and now supporting our fully operational site”.
Grant Keenan, Director, Keenan Recycling Ltd

“New customers are choosing VCU and existing ones are expanding their facilities, proving that the simple, reliable, accredited VCU technology is the right solution for Spain’s ABP wastes”
Andoni Lauret, Managing Director, Traco Iberia S.L

“We chose the system initially because of its ability to meet the EU ABPR requirements, its small footprint and its potential for expansion. ‘We have not been disappointed with the system which has proven to be very reliable over the 3 years of operation. The VCU has shown itself to be very versatile in handling a variety of wastes.”
Manuel Valenzuela, owner Compost Reciclables S.L

“We chose the VCU in-vessel composting system as our preferred technology for its proven track record in animal by-product processing.  Other factors which weighed in its favour were its totally enclosed construction which  ensures complete odour control and its modularity which allows phased expansion as the site develops.”
Billy Munro, Managing Director, Munro Highlands

“By purchasing VCU technology, we have chosen an established brand that is already accredited to meet the Animal By-production Regulations. This gives us undoubted confidence that regulatory compliance will be met and this will allow us to move quickly to the forefront in achieving our recycling goals.”
John McLaughlin, Chief Executive, Magherafelt District Council

“The VCU™ system is producing an excellent product. Our compost is rich in NPK nutrients particularly potash which currently cost farmers £550 per tonne from chemical fertilizer suppliers so you can see why they are keen to secure supplies of our product at a fraction of this cost.”
Mel Keenan, Director, Keenan Recycling