VCU Europa recognises the need to provide a host of support services that go towards creating a successful composting plant. This begins at the scoping stage of the project and spans right through to a commitment to the ongoing operation of the plant. Click to see details about the services we offer:

• Planning
• Waste management licensing
• Turn-key design and build
• Maintenance support contracts
• Composting support contracts
• ABP Accreditation
• Compost quality and marketing


Getting planning permission to operate a composting plant is a critical step in the development of a project and one where many would-be ‘composters’ come unstuck. Composting is an increasingly important but complicated land-use activity and the level of knowledge amongst traditional planning consultants can be limited. For this reason VCU Europa offers a planning service so that customers can take advantage of our depth of experience in achieving planning for composting activities. The fact that as designers of the plant, the majority of information must be supplied by us, makes this a logical step.


services_ani_panes_2bWaste Management Licensing

No commercial waste management activity can be undertaken without a waste management licence. For new ventures, securing a licence is a first step and is often tied to planning. VCU Europa has the expertise to secure a waste management licence on behalf of our customers. Our support in this area can often speed up the process, reduce the overall project lead-time and enable our customers to get their facilities up and running sooner.





Turn-key Design and Build

Often our customers are integrating the VCU In Vessel Composting (IVC) system into an existing waste management facility. However, increasingly our customers are looking to establish an entirely new facility and look to us for a turn-key solution.

In such cases, VCU Europa is able to provide a complete solution encompassing all aspects of mechanical, civil and structural design as well as acting as lead contractor, overseeing the construction of the entire facility.


services_ani_panes_6bMaintenance Support Contracts

VCU Europa offers maintenance through its Maintenance Support Contract, taken up on an annual basis. This contract means that VCU Europa will take responsibility for monthly maintenance and equipment checks as well as mechanical, electrical and hydraulic trouble-shooting should a problem occur.

In the first year of operation, a Maintenance Support Contract provides added comfort to the customer that all maintenance requirements under our Standard Warranty are being taken care of. In subsequent years, maintenance support ensures that the VCU Composting System will meet and exceed its design life.


services_ani_panes_3bComposting Support Contracts

Many of our customers are not experienced composters. Particularly in the first year of operation it is of particular value for customers to have an added level of support, targeted at the performance of the composting plant as a whole.

Our experience of composting just about every kind of organic waste in regulatory environments around the world, means our composting experts are just the people needed to keep a close eye on things while our customers find their feet.

A Composting Support Contract can be taken out at any time but is usually favoured in the first year or two of operation. The contract can be tailored to specific needs with as much or as little on-site support as is required.


services_ani_panes_4bABP Accreditation

Gaining Full Accreditation under the Animal By-Products Regulation is a highly involved process that takes at least six months. During this time, an in depth knowledge of modern composting methods, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points and the finer details of the Regulation are essential. Constant communication with the State Veterinary Service should be maintained throughout the Accreditation process.

VCU Europa takes care to prove the VCU will meet the requirements of the ABPR. As a pioneer of the Accreditation process in UK, Spain and Ireland, VCU can take on the management of the entire Accreditation process if requested by the customer. This is perhaps the most critical phase of the entire project and the investment is often well justified. For more information see Legislation/ABPR.


services_ani_panes_7bCompost Quality

Producing quality compost is of course an integral part of any composting plant. Industry requirements for quality compost such as the British PAS100 Standard mean that when the Quality Protocol is achieved the material ceases to be a waste and becomes a product. This removes the requirement for a waste management licence or an exemption to spread the compost.

VCU Europa will design and oversee a program for the production of quality compost and can manage the process of certification under industry standards such as PAS100.